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The Education Society's mission is to initiate, advocate and share with educators technology-enriched teaching, learning and leadership options of tomorrow, empowered by unique alliances with educational and community partners. Visit the site for more information on reviewed online resources and professional development opportunities. Vantage Newsletter

The Education Society offers this bi-weekly newsletter delivered to your inbox. The theme is education technology and often features information and resources useful to CTS teachers. On a broader scope, all teachers benefit from the background information and tools shown in the areas of inclusion, web 2.0 tools and digital citizenship.

Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training

Alberta’s Apprenticeship and Industry Training system is developed with industry, for industry – resulting in a highly skilled, educated and competitive workforce. Apprentices learn on the job, ensuring that they receive practical, hands-on-training that meets the needs of current and future employers.

Alberta Education CTS Programs of Study

Career and Technology Studies (CTS) is a complementary program designed for Alberta's secondary school students. As a program of choice, CTS offers all students important learning opportunities to:

  • develop skills that can be applied in their daily lives, now and in the future
  • refine career-planning skills
  • develop technology-related skills
  • enhance employability skills
  • apply and reinforce learnings developed in other subject areas
  • prepare for transition into adult roles in the family, community, workplace and/or further education.


Alberta Education Guide to CTS

Download PDF [6.1 MB]

Career and technology studies (CTS) is a provincially authorized curriculum for Alberta secondary schools designed on a pathways model to offer flexible programming using 1-credit courses. The course structure of CTS enables schools to design unique programs that meet the needs of students and draw on community resources.

Alberta Education Workforce Planning Updates

Several initiatives are maintained by Alberta Education Workforce Planning such as Attracting, developing and engaging Alberta’s K-12 education workforce, Education Sector Workforce Planning Framework for Action, Teacher Bridging to Advanced CTS Programming – Carpentry Project, CTS Bridge to Teacher Certification, New Pathways for First Nations, Métis and Inuit teachers, and others.

Alberta Regional Consortia

The Alberta Regional Professional Development Consortia (ARPDC) are dedicated to promoting student learning and achievement, school improvement, and parental engagement in the educational process through the provision of professional learning opportunities at the local, regional and provincial levels. The ARPDC is governed by a board comprised of representatives from: CASS, ASBA, ASBOA, ASCA, Post-Secondary, ATA and Alberta Education. The board ensures that programs align with the goals of the consortium.

Learning Resource Centre (LRDC Online)

The Learning Resources Centre is a branch of Alberta Education dedicated to the efficient and affordable delivery of authorized resources in support of the Kindergarten to Grade 12 curriculum. The Learning Resources Centre also provides a range of Specialized Services to enhance access to learning resources for visually impaired students. The LRC loans schools alternate format learning resources and student equipment for use by these students. Audio resources for students with perceptual disabilities are also available.

MyBlueprint Education Planner

myBlueprint Education Planner is available to over 400,000 students and is successfully implemented in thousands of elementary and secondary schools across Canada. Goals are to

  1. Empower educators with effective resources that engage their students
  2. Develop unique tools that meet local curriculum expectations and learning outcomes
  3. Increase parent involvement and confidence in publicly-funded education
  4. Help Canadian students make the most informed decisions about their future