CTEC Council Executive

President: Tim Kilburn

I have been teaching CTS related courses for over 25 years primarily in the BIT cluster. As a Department Head, I became more familiar with other clusters and am now a Technology Consultant with Fort McMurray Catholic Schools. In partnership with local industry and post-secondary, we have introduced a program emphasizing careers in the Energy Industry including Electrical, Millwright, Instrumentation and Power Engineering. I believe that CTS skill development of our youth is as important as the "Core" programs. I have been on the Council Executive since 2011 as PD Northeast Director and the 2015 Conference Director.

Email: President@ctecalberta.ca

Vice President / Conference Director South: Paul Bohnert

Paul Bohnert has worked with the Council for more than thirteen years.  He has been the CTEC Conference Director seven times and represented the southern portion of the province as south PD Director for twelve years.  He currently teaches at Senator Joyce Fairbairn Middle school in Lethbridge.  Paul has been providing PD sessions for the past ten years in the areas of CTF, CTS, Science, Social Studies, Assessment and 21st Century Pedagogy.  Paul is excited to be taking on his new role of CTEC Vice President and working to reconnect CTS and CTF teachers across Alberta as we move past challenges of COVID.  




Past President: Lloyd Bloomfield

Lloyd Bloomfield is an experienced Construction and Design teacher with Edmonton Public Schools who is also the current Assistant Principal at the Amiskwaciy Academy. He was previously the CTS Department Head at Harry Ainlay School. As well as being a journeyman carpenter, Lloyd is the district lead for Design Studies for EPSB, a long-time volunteer and supporter for many CTS competitions, and an active member of a number of CTS-related professional organizations at the provincial level.



Ian Stewardson

Ian Stewardson is a staff officer in Member Services in the Southern Alberta Regional Office (SARO) of the Alberta Teachers’ Association. Prior to joining ATA staff, Ian served as a school-based administrator for 18 years and 11 years as a Junior High Social Studies Teacher and Guidance Counsellor. He has worked in schools ranging from Kindergarten to Grade 12. Throughout his career, Stewardson has been actively involved in his profession, serving on the Association Administrator Instructor Corps, as an Admin Rep on Local ATA, and as a member of Southern Alberta Professional Development Consortium Board. Ian holds Bachelor of Education degree from the University of Calgary and a Master of Arts (Education) degree from the San Diego State University.  His experience includes involvement with mentoring new administrators, and teachers.

 Email: ATA@ctecalberta.ca


Treasurer: Margareta Hinrichsen

Margareta Hinrichsen has been the treasurer of the CTS Council for many years and CETC for the past year since changing our governance model. She has an extensive financial background and prior to becoming a teacher she worked in the Banking Industry for many years. She obtained her Education Degree from the University of Alberta and graduated in 2002- majoring in Business Education. Just after she graduated she was contracted to write a one credit course for Legal Studies – Law and Small Business. She currently work for Alberta Distance Learning Centre and she is the Lead Teacher for Financial Management. She has, however, taught in numerous CTS occupational areas, which included classroom experience at Ross Sheppard High School in Edmonton. Since starting with ADLC, she has been active in promoting CTS courses in addition to developing courses within Financial Management, Tourism and Marketing & Management. In 2008, she became a Teacher Champion for the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada. In this capacity, she strongly advocates the need to promote financial life and literacy skills to students and encourage teachers to use the free resources FCAC offers students, teachers and consumers. Her ability to keep track of the finances of the organization are the prerequisites that put this council back toward solvency.

Email: Treasurer@ctecalberta.ca

Secretary: Shannon Dunsmuir 

Shannon is a substitute teacher for Edmonton Public School Board and Black Gold Regional Schools.  She recently completed her Master's Degree in Educational Psychology specializing in Technology in Education from the University of Alberta.  Shannon also holds a Bachelor of Education Degree from the University of Alberta, a Bachelor of Commerce Degree from Griffith University, and is an Associate of the Institute of Canadian Bankers.  Prior to getting into teaching, Shannon worked in banking for many years as a Senior Financial Advisor.

Email: Secretary@ctecalberta.ca

Membership Services and Social Media:Phillip Scott


Email: PublicRelations@ctecalberta.ca


Communications: Cecil Hall

Cecil Hall brings an excellent command of technology and has been working this year to transition our website from a google driven site to one which is housed by the ATA. This has been a considerable amount of work. He has ideas how to make the website even more user friendly. He currently is teaching at Nelson Mandela High School in Calgary in the area of financial management. 

Email: CommunicationsDirector@ctecalberta.ca


PD Director South:OPEN


Sheanne Johnston is brand new to CTEC. She is serving as the south zone PD director. Sheanne currently teaches at Senator Joyce Fairbairn Middle School in Lethbridge. After teaching at both high school and elementary school, she is finally teaching her dream job of grades 6, 7, and 8 foods. Having students cook recipes in under 45 minutes is her superpower! In this day and age, kids need more opportunities to cook.

Email: PDSouth@ctecalberta.ca


PD Director Calgary and Area: Sheldon D'Souza


Email: PDCalgary@ctecalberta.ca

PD Director Central:Corry Ragust

Email: PDCentral@ctecalberta.ca


PD Director Edmonton:Susannah Killey

Susannah Killey is a Fashion Studies teacher at Saint Oscar Romero High School in Edmonton.  She is actively trying to revive fashion studies through both her students and her colleagues.  Through Skills Alberta, Technical Theatre and Cappies, she expands what she does in the classroom with enriching opportunities for her students outside of the regular teaching day.  CTEC Teacher of the Year (2017) and creator of the Fashion Studies of Alberta Facebook group, she is heavily involved in creating PD opportunities for other teachers including teaching sessions, collaborating with post-secondary institutions and planning PD days. 



PD Director North East: Josh Backer

I graduated from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor of Secondary Education majoring in CTS: Trades, Manufacturing and Transportation. I currently teach primarily construction and fabrication from grade 7-12 at Glendon School in Glendon, Alberta. I am the off-campus education coordinator for our building as well as an outdoor education and physical education teacher. I look forward to pursuing professional development opportunities for our VAST area of the north east. I am very excited to bring the issues of small town isolated programs to the executive to help our programs thrive and continue to serve our students in the north east area. I look forward to representing the area.


PD Director Northwest:Tracy McGowan

Tracy is currently working as the Cosmetology teacher at Charles Spencer High School within Grande Prairie Public School District, this is currently her sixth year in this position. She is a Journeyman Red Seal Hairstylist and worked as a hair stylist for 24years before teaching at MC College for 2 ½years and Est-elle Academy of Hair Design for 1 ½years. She then started the Cosmetology program from the ground up when Charles Spencer School first opened in 2014.

Her teaching assignment includes not only teaching the CTS courses COS 10, 20, and 30 but also teaching CTF through COS 9. She also has students participating in the Registered Apprenticeship Program to help start them on the path to becoming licensed hairstylists.

In addition to running the Cosmetology program she is also heavily involved with giving back to the community and encouraging her students to participate and contribute to various causes as well. This includes helping collect personal hygiene items and clothing to donate to a local womens shelter, having students style hair, manicures, and pedicures as well as make up applications for women in our community who are victims of domestic violence. They also invite younger students from their feeder schools to come and participate in multiple CTS areas including esthetics and foods. This is to help encourage students to start thinking about trades.

Email: PDNorthwest@ctecalberta.ca


District Representative - Heather McCaig

Heather began teaching in 1995 at Irvine School in Southern Alberta.  She moved into Medicine Hat and taught at Southview Elementary School, Medicine Hat High School and moved to Crescent Heights High School in 1999.  At this time she became involved with the local ATA and was Vice-President moving to President during a 15 year period.  In 2015 she was elected at the District Representative for the Southeast.  The CTEC council is a natural fit for Heather as her leadership classes are comprised of modules from many CTS streams.